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Business Mentor prevented “expensive” mistakes

Dec 23, 2020 10:23:51 AM

Finding a business mentor saved Elizabeth Roberts from making some “pretty expensive mistakes”, she says. And she can’t praise enough the advice and support she has received from Business Mentors New Zealand (BMNZ) and her mentor Malhar Panchwagh.

Working and Employment Law Changes – keep up to date

Dec 18, 2020 2:15:52 PM

Three areas of employment in New Zealand have changed recently and business owners need to keep up to date to make sure they’re meeting their obligations. This article explains what small businesses should know about equal pay and pay equity, health and safety for flexi-working, and forced labour. There are a lot of changes, if you need help navigating them reach out to us and we can connect you to a Business Mentor.

Set yourself up to celebrate this holiday season

Dec 8, 2020 4:45:30 PM

For small business owners in New Zealand, the holiday season can mean balancing the pressure of finishing off the year’s business, a final check in with your business mentor, and trying to do it all with composure while you enjoy family and friends. And that’s after a rollercoaster year! Here are some ideas to savour the spirit of the season while keeping business buoyant.

The benefits of asking powerful business questions

Nov 9, 2020 9:58:38 AM

Knowing how to ask powerful questions is a valuable skill in business and mentoring. In fact, being curious helps with everything from organisational performance to leading staff. Wondering why and how?

Set realistic expectations for business mentoring with clarity about scope

Oct 22, 2020 9:49:00 AM

Business Mentors New Zealand is here to help you succeed by connecting you with knowledgeable, skilled and experienced business people. Whatever stage your business is at, you'll benefit most from a clear understanding of how mentoring can help, and its limits. Having realistic expectations for mentoring means collaborating to set objectives and knowing what mentoring involves.

Case Studies

Business Mentor brings light to ‘gloomy, dark, future’

Oct 14, 2020 2:43:38 PM

In the midst of COVID-19 lockdown, when ‘The Cookie Project’s co-founders Eric Chuah and Graeme Haddon saw their future as gloomy, dark and uncertain – they reached out to Business Mentors New Zealand for support.

Case Studies

Couple keeps business mentor conversation alive

Oct 5, 2020 11:01:00 AM

“The best sounding board ever”, is only one of the descriptives Egg & Spoon owners Dan and Jo Pearson have for their Business Mentors New Zealand mentor Irene Mosley.

From business failure to success through resilience

Sep 25, 2020 10:40:10 AM

Business failure, resilience and success are closely linked. To ensure your failures are mere stepping stones to success, resilience is key. Building this attribute can be the difference between feeling that you’re adrift in a storm and that you have oars and a map. Fortunately, resilience doesn’t come down to chance; it’s never too late to build yourself up. Accepting that failure happens means you can prepare. Preparing, setting yourself up with a growth mindset ...

Time management for busy people: prioritising, planning and productivity

Sep 14, 2020 11:16:12 AM

Business owners are almost always busy, and now many of us need to do more with fewer resources. Time management approaches can help you beat the overwhelm and do those things that will make the biggest impact. So, we’ve sorted through popular time management approaches to uncover the key concepts. A business mentor can help you to implement these ideas for prioritising, planning and productivity to help you get the best from your time.

Tips to start out right with your first business mentoring meeting

Sep 1, 2020 1:44:49 PM

Make sure you get the most from your business mentoring relationship by setting yourself up for success from the very first meeting. We've pulled together our tips on how to prepare well, what to discuss, and how to maintain your momentum. Use this as a guide for making sure your new mentoring relationship delivers great value from your very first meeting.