Click to succeed – business resources at your fingertips

Mar 3, 2021 8:51:24 AM

Making the best use of existing resources is a great way to build the efficiency of your business. So, we’ve done a round up of information available to help New Zealand businesses thrive. We’ve found useful resources through online groups, government websites, and individual experts. Check them out, and if you need a helping hand, register for a Business Mentor!

Online groups give you access to a world of knowledge

With a few clicks you can mine the collective consciousness of business knowledge. On Facebook, there are of plenty of Kiwi businesspeople who are ready to support their fellow entrepreneurs.

Each online group is slightly different but there’s real value when you can ask an unusual or tricky question to a big community. It’s surprising how quick, supportive and specific their advice can be. If you want an efficient way to label your customer deliveries, experiences with eftpos machines and or general recommendations, Facebook users may be able to help.

Some of the groups for New Zealand businesspeople are below. Business Mentors isn’t involved with running them, but we’ve heard good things.

Get the official word

If you’d like to get business guidance directly from an official source, government websites have a wealth of information. Nowadays, plain language is used most of the time. You’ll find processes are explained clearly with simple steps. You can also access templates and forms to help you get things right.

Business owners will find a lot of relevant information on these government websites:

Find one-on-one expertise

Sometimes, you need someone look at your specific situation. A business mentor may be one of the most important resources your business can access.

Our case studies are full of examples where Mentors have had a big impact. Businesses regularly share stories where mentors have helped business people like you avoid expensive mistakes, bring light to an otherwise dark and gloomy future and even double income despite during Covid-19. What could your mentor story be?

Help is at hand

At Business Mentors, we have a team of business people ready to share their experience from a range of industries. Not only will a Mentor give you an objective and experienced perspective. They can help you get the most from the resources you already have. Contact us to register for up to 12-months of business mentoring for a small fee of $295 + GST.

If you want to build your business as efficiently as possible don’t overlook what’s already at your fingertips. You‘ll find materials to help you thrive in online groups, government resources and a mentor dedicated to your success.