The Benefits of Business Mentoring - Part Two

May 17, 2019 1:32:10 PM

With a mentor, you can shorten the distance between your current state and the success you hope for. In part two of this blog we discuss the short and long-term benefits of the programmes and how a mentor will change the way you do business.

The instant benefits

Your mentor will confidentially assess your business and help you determine the next right steps. The sooner you act on that plan, the sooner you’ll see the benefits of mentoring come to life.

For example, you can get instant advice in areas that are challenging for you. Your mentor will identify your ‘blind spots’ and show you the path towards getting better, whether that’s in communications, management, or another important area. You can then immediately upskill yourself and get wise, helpful feedback. 

Some quick benefits also come from getting personally familiar with your mentor. Ask them what it took to achieve their success, who has helped them, and how they stayed on the path. By doing this, your mentor will be able to help you more effectively, and you’ll gain fresh inspiration and insight.

The long-term impacts

Through mentoring, you will gain knowledge that will make a permanent positive difference. Your business will be in better shape. You will have leapt over obstacles in record time, and you can fall back on what you’ve learned whenever you need to. 

Mentors have the luxury of experience and given the relationship with you is finite, anywhere up to 12-months, they a free from financial and emotional investment in your business that could cloud advice and judgement given by others. The advice given to you by the mentor, even the bits you may not immediately recognise as important, could be what many mentees often refer to as ‘life-changing’.

If you get a business mentor and stick with your action plan, you’ll never be the same.

As you define specific goals with your mentor, complete the work your mentor assigns you, and develop the relationship, you will soon see the enduring, positive effects on your venture and your professional outlook.

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