The Benefits of Business Mentoring - Part One

May 17, 2019 1:31:37 PM

If you're hoping to start a business or already running one, you’re sure to encounter a number of common obstacles. 

Business owners often deal with heaps of paperwork, partnership problems, and time management issues. And those with ideas for a startup are often afraid to fail, unsure if their ideas are valid, and lack key business skills. These are a few common roadblocks that can be helped with high-quality business mentoring. 

In part one of this blog, we’ll share why business mentoring is so transformative, explaining what the process entails and what you should expect from these programmes.

Guidance through the whole process

When you apply to either the Business Mentoring Programme or the Startup Mentoring Programme at Business Mentors New Zealand, one of our Mentor Coordinators will get in touch. 

The Mentor Coordinator who reaches out will be local to you. They will get to know your specific circumstances in order to match you with the perfect mentor. 

Each mentor comes with a unique mix of abilities and professional experience. For example, some are entrepreneurs themselves. Others have excelled in a specific domain such as sales or marketing. Others still have deep industry-specific knowledge. For this reason, our Mentor Coordinator focus on making the best possible match. 

After meeting your mentor, you'll set goals with them, and agree on meeting frequency and format. It's important to bring a positive spirit and be totally engaged in every session. That way, you’ll get the most out of the programme. 

And, should you have questions or need extra assistance, your local Mentor Coordinator will always be available to you.

What to expect from the mentoring programmes

In general, mentoring is about building your professional skills so you can overcome hurdles in starting or running your business. Every mentoring relationship is unique, but there are a few things you can expect out of the programme.

For one, you should expect the mentoring to be tailored to your individual needs. Your Mentor Coordinator will choose a mentor with the exact experience, connections, and perspective you’ll benefit the most from. Matching is also based partly on whether you have short-term needs or longer-term growth targets. 

In addition, you should expect to be challenged and stretched. You should always come prepared to implement your personalised action plan, go above and beyond in following your mentor’s advice, and step outside of your ‘comfort zone’. It also helps if you choose to see problems as possibilities. By doing so, you’ll grow into a stronger, more resilient professional.

Contact us at Business Mentors New Zealand today to find out more about our mentoring programmes for start-ups and business owners.