Supporting staff to volunteer as Business Mentors is a significant opportunity for corporates

Jun 21, 2021 4:00:40 PM

Are you interested in a high-impact volunteer programme for your large organisation? Allowing your team to get involved with the small business community as a Business Mentor has a raft of positive outcomes. It’s an effective way to support New Zealand’s economy, develop your leaders, and engage your top talent. Get in touch with us if you'd like to find out how your organisation can enjoy all of these benefits and more.

Supporting small businesses benefits NZ – and your bottom line

By helping support small businesses to succeed, you're likely to contribute to your own customers' spending power. Together, small businesses account for 97 percent of all businesses in New Zealand. Furthermore, small businesses employ 30 percent of New Zealand's working population.

Offer effective skills development

A programme for volunteering as a Business Mentor gives your team a professional development opportunity that grows with them and is almost unrivalled in its cost-effectiveness. Although the commitment is only a couple of hours a month, Mentoring happens over the course of a year. In that time, your staff member will support a business owner through unique, ever-changing situations that reflect the broader business climate. Unlike a one-off leadership programme or training course, skills are embedded and refined over time.

Build your next round of leaders

Being a Business Mentor demands and develops a unique set of ‘soft skills’. Business Mentors are not doers in their mentoring relationship, nor do they have budget lines or staff to allocate. Instead, they support success with their insights and encouragement. This puts the focus on traits that are a powerful asset to any leader and your company. Mentors will nurture their ability to be encouraging, inspiring, challenging, patient and reliable.

Lift staff happiness, health and productivity

Many researchers have shown that volunteering can improve mental wellbeing and even lower blood pressure. By giving your staff a little time each month to Mentor, they'll be able to gain the mental and emotional rewards of helping others. Organisations with volunteer programmes say that staff take fewer sick days, and that's something everyone can smile about.

Retain key talent

People prefer working for companies that invest in keeping their skill sets relevant through development opportunities. A volunteer programme for Business Mentors is an opportunity to do just that. And don’t underestimate how many employees may be inspired to see such a programme: About 70 per cent of Millennials want to launch their own businesses eventually, according to research.

Supporting your employees to become a Mentor means they'll be enriching their CVs with new skills and even a new role without moving out of your organisation. Your most ambitious people will enjoy this opportunity to grow. There's a mutual benefit when they can add new substance to their resume while continuing in their current position.

For decades, New Zealand’s most influential companies have championed the role of Business Mentors in supporting New Zealand’s small business community. Empowering your staff to volunteer as Business Mentors means you’ll be part of this legacy and contribute to a brighter future for your team and your community. Contact us for more information today.