Build your business confidence with an experienced mentor

Aug 6, 2019 11:11:35 AM

As a small business owner, confidence is earned. 

No business owner has the complete know-how or a perfect skill set from the start - that experience comes from time, and often, recovering from mistakes.

But business owners don’t have to go in alone. A business mentor can provide you with practical and emotional support.

In this blog, we highlight four ways a business mentor can strengthen your confidence throughout the life of your business. 


1. Helps you see the big picture

The daily hurdles of business can be discouraging. However, by learning how to step back and see the big picture, new business owners can gain the awareness and broad understanding needed to keep their ventures afloat.

A perfect example is Aotea Brewing. Married co-founders Sarah Bowman and Caleb Clarke realised that getting an outside perspective would help them build the sustainable brewery of their dreams. Their mentor tested their assumptions and opened their eyes to market forces, competitors, and other ‘big picture’ concerns affecting their company’s prospects for success.

Every business owner faces morale-damaging challenges, but a caring mentor can steer you back on course while providing a wider scope and various lenses to see your business through. This way, you can focus on what matters most, and build the confidence to handle even bigger, more complex issues. 


2. Fills in your skills gaps

Few business owners have all the fundamental, key skills to run a business. These skills range from marketing and hiring new talent, to paying taxes and overseeing the complexities of daily operations.

However, these skills can all be learned. 

A business mentor can pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to hone in on where you can improve. For example, if your employees keep stumbling over important tasks even after you’ve given instructions, mentoring can help you identify ways to communicate with greater clarity.

Your business mentor’s specific expertise can position them to build your skills in key areas where you’re lacking. This will make you a more well-rounded leader and manager. 


3. Help you set realistic goals

Founders and business owners can get discouraged when they fail to hit growth targets or achieve measurable progress. As explained before, mentors can help by revealing the ‘bigger picture’ and helping you analyse realities from the top down. 

Experienced business mentors have been in your shoes. They understand that true success is not about winning all the time. 

Mentors are often willing to share the successes and failures of their personal journeys. On that foundation, your mentor can help you build realistic, achievable goals that you can work on over time. 

With these expectations, you’ll have the confidence to act on your goals and make well-thought-out decisions.


4. Acts as your support system

Beyond the temporary pressures and hassles, business ownership can come with emotional highs and lows. This causes many business owners to falter. Business mentoring, however, can prevent this. 

A mentor can be your cheerleader in tough times, showing you how your current setbacks can produce resilience and triumph in the future. A mentor can also offer encouragement and support to help you push through hard moments. 

Through a great relationship with a mentor, you can preserve your productivity and keep your spirits high, especially during tough times.


Confidence is invaluable in business. A mentor can help you develop it. As a mentor works with you to achieve objectives, see the big picture, and provide support, your business will be primed for growth. And you will develop into a stronger leader and visionary, ready to pursue bold ideas.

Get in touch with Business Mentors today to be matched with a mentor who can help you kick off your business and develop the confidence to succeed.